The Secret To A Good Night Sleep

The first employee to arrive at his office, Lucas reaches for the phone on his desk to start his day. “It’s been my pleasure to call you this morning,” he attempts a grin but his voice gives way to a small laughter. “You may question my motives except that this voice’s going to be the earliest phone call you receive on this date, any date hereafter; I won’t promise you. Ha-ha….”

“You’re using office phone!” Lucas hears the soft voice at the opposite line, and immediately being reminded of what he once told her: never use office phone for personal matters. Not because you can’t trust the security of office lines. It’s simply an act of corporate cheating; corruption at its infancy, he even went so far as mentioning that dirty word.

“You forgive me this time,” he admits it to her, “I left my mobile at home.”

“Let me know if the Vatican promotes female priests.”

“Nothing wrong with committing a sin once a while!” he throws his best weapon to kill the argument, or probably, his guilt.

“I call you back when I get to my cubicle. Don’t go anywhere.” She counters.

When he hears a ‘click’ from her direction, he puts the receiver down. But he doesn’t stop there. His mind still works on her, 500 metres away from him. Thinking how for the last 17 months and 11 days they have been sharing their hopes and laughters. And yet there are still so much to explore. He wanted to tell her how she’s coloured his life and that no one can ever paint his life so beautifully as her. He kept postponing telling her. Until he bends his knees before her? No, it’ll be too late; after all, it doesn’t take much to express it, does it? So, could the right moment be now?

He grabs his mug on the table, walks a few steps to the pantry to kill his caffeine impulse off. He’s still thinking about her until he’s back to his desk again.

“You brain needs exercise.” It’s the first sentence that he hears when she calls him back. “That way, you won’t end up being forgetful.”

“You cannot delay aging process, by the way. Accept that as life’s natural way of advancing itself.” He turns into a serious mode.

“I want to hear what actually you want to tell me this morning; we can postpone this philosophical nonsense when we have dinner on Saturday night.”

“I woke up this morning with a different feeling, refressshhhh.” He said the word “refresh” deliberately. “I want to share something that may contribute to this.”

“As I once told you, you need eight hours of sleep, and don’t go to bed after midnight. That’s the best chance you can get.” Devy responds.

“Last night I slept around 1am; woke up at 06.10am, mind you”

“Lucas, you’ll destroy yourself in the long run if you keep doing this! Your body isn’t machine. And even machine has a lifetime of itself.”

“I finished everything I’d planned to do last night before going to bed; and of course, before I closed my eyes, you were the last picture that I saw that day…” he pauses for a moment, “I think this made me wake up so fresh despite the less hour I spent on bed. The state of being content, satisfied, I guess, plays a role.”

“My concern is alaways you. When you’re happy, I share your happiness Lucas. You know it.”

“Ok, there’s all I want to tell you this morning. Have a brightest day ever!”

“No I Love You this time?”

Lucas smiles, how could those three words slip from his mind?

(Jakarta, July 01, 2009)


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Born and grew up in Talaud Islands, the northernmost, and one of the remotest, parts of Indonesia.

He earns living in Jakarta, the capital.

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