Tiga Perempuan

I have just finished writing a short story in Indonesian. Rightly, I gave the title “Tiga Perempuan (Three Women)” because it attempts to tell a story of one man who fails to win the love of three women consecutively, one after another. Later on he discovers from piles of his high school books a never-read-before note from one of his female classmates a kind of prognosis on his future love which has been uncannily accurate.

It is good practice to ask for some review of the story. In line with this, some friends have been forwarded with the story for a review. But I have to admit, though, that the story is quite long; more than double than the required 1500 words normally expected from a short story. It is understandable as it covers more characters for the story.

The story will be sent to one of the national newspapers I have already had in mind. It may be rejected. But should this happen I will try other publishers.

Until the story is published it is not recommended to post the story in this blog as publishers normally require that manuscripts not be published in any forms.

Finally, I will rewrite the story in English and get it published in The Jakarta Post. In English version, the shorter version of the story shall be in place.

(Jakarta, December 04, 2006)



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